How does this compare to Traditional PR Distribution?

PitchEngine was created as an alternative to the aging, broken PR distribution process still in existence today. It’s been an uphill battle, mostly because change is hard to make, especially for large organizations that are used to simply going through the motions.

First, we educated our users on
what PR Distribution services really do.  From there, we show them the benefits of writing for their audience - which may include customers and influencers like journalists and bloggers. It’s our philosophy that authenticity and relationships are the key to success in PR. Good writing is a piece of it, but push-button spam can only hurt your reputation and brand credibility.

We believe that reaching a relevant audience is far more efficient than just “throwing a rock in the ocean.”

Here’s what we mean by Relevant Audience:

So, where does it go?
PitchEngine isn’t a distribution mechanism. Instead, we rely on existing platforms like Facebook, Google Search and other brand channels that you already have cultivated. The goal for you is to provide your brand influencers – people that follow your brand and will evangelize on your behalf – and provide them with great content to share, ultimately growing your relevant audience. It’s more organic and sustainable growth and is the most efficient way to reach people that will make a purchase, go to an event or spread the word.

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