Insect Shield – Q&A

1. How long have you used PitchEngine to promote your content?

We have used PitchEngine since the launch. I believe we were one of the first brands to deploy it when it was in Beta stage? Having been a PR manager for years I cannot tell you the joy PitchEngine provided for me to FINALLY break away from the word doc press release!

2. Once you create a Pitch, how do you share or promote it?
Once I create a Pitch, we share it via our PitchEngine newsroom on the Insect Shield corporate website (which is seamless and eliminates the need for me to update the media section manually). It also automatically updates on the PitchEngine newsroom we have embedded into our Facebook timeline. (again seamless and eliminates me from having to manually post the pitch!) I also link the pitch to our “Latest News” Insect Shield Pinterest Board and tweet a link to the pitch. It all takes mere minutes and the pitch is everywhere…

3. What type of results have you seen from using PitchEngine?
I have noticed pick-up’s happening on their own, without the necessity of follow up from me since everything is available to the editor in the pitch. Logos/images/video links etc.

4. Do you have an example of a Pitch you’ve had success with?
All of them!

5. How does PitchEngine’s effectiveness compare to traditional methods of distribution you’ve used in the past?
It is very powerful combined with traditional methods. For example – I still use e-pitching as a method – however now I share the PE Pitch in the email to media.

6. Would you recommend PitchEngine?
Absolutely. Already do!

7. Is there anything else you’d like to include?
Yes, just a simple “Thank you” for this tool!

Janine Robertson

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