Arizona Office of Tourism – Q&A

1. How long have you used PitchEngine to promote your content?

We have being using PitchEngine for the last two years.

2. Once you create a Pitch, how do you share or promote it?

Once we create a Pitch, we embed the link in an email and distribute it to our various media lists and constituents. PitchEngine has enabled us to create interactive press releases where we can showcase images and videos that help promote our program of work and various statewide destinations.

3. What type of results have you seen from using PitchEngine?

Results vary depending on the type of announcement or pitch we create; however, we have received more compliments on the quality of press releases that we’re sending out due to the type of interactive components we’ve been able to add because of PitchEngine.

4. Do you have an example of a Pitch you’ve had success with?

Depending on the type of press release we produce will depend on the results we get. For instance, we recently released an announcement regarding one of our staff members winning a national award. We created the press release on PitchEngine and distributed it to less than 20 media outlets, a relatively small distribution list. However, according to the metrics for this announcement, more than 90 views were obtained. That is more than triple the results we were expecting for this type of release.

5. How does PitchEngine’s effectiveness compare to traditional methods of distribution you’ve used in the past?

PitchEngine has been able to help us tell a more visual story, which is vital for our program of work. Additionally, for us, PitchEngine is more than just a distribution method. We have been able to build an extra “press room” to display our stories, information, pictures and videos to the public. We have various audiences that we like to keep informed or pitch. With all of our press releases living in this pressroom, we can cross promote many of our programs and reach audiences that we otherwise would have missed.

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