What is PitchEngine?


Every business has a story to tell and people to reach. Today, the formality of a press release or advertisement doesn’t cut it with digitally connected consumers and influencers. Your message needs to be compelling and authentic and available anywhere, anytime.

We believe it all starts with great content and we want to empower everyone to tell their stories. PitchEngine isn’t just a tool – it’s a mindset.

PitchEngine is the premier content creation tool for publishing beautiful marketing messages to the web and mobile. We help connect organizations with their audiences through content and provide brands and agencies with robust content creation and management software.

Founded in 2008 by Jason Kintzler, PitchEngine was first created as an alternative to the traditional press release and push distribution process. Instead of sending documents through email or news wires, for the first time, communicators could easily package-up their own branded content into a single web page called a social media release.

PitchEngine has been called, “one of the PR industry’s most transformative innovations” and is credited with “heralding in a new era of public relations.”

The company has appeared in several popular books including; Engage, Twitterville, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, The Digital Handshake, SocialCorp, Social Media Marketing for Dummies and more.

We’re especially proud of what our users have to say:


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