How adding images to your Pitch will increase shares!


If you want your fans and followers to share your pitches you should give them something worth sharing.

These days, when we post a picture or status update – our popularity is quickly validated by the number of “likes” or “shares” we get. If a person posts something on Facebook, and has 20 or more “likes” within an hour, they feel like their likes and interests are on par with others.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video or read an interesting blogpost and instantly wanted to tell your friends about it? People want to share content. And they want to be the one to inform their peers and friends about new things. So why wouldn’t you want to help your pitches and content be shared. If you’re not attaching an image to your pitch, you may be missing out!

Creating content without images and video doesn’t make it easy on your brand evangelists to share your pitch. You need something to grab the reader’s attention, before you unload a sales pitch or message on them.

If I’m a huge fan of a brewery, I’m more likely to share a pitch if it has a visual component attached.

And the best thing about great content, is how easy it is to create. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer anymore. Smart phones are equipped with high resolution cameras and photo editing apps.

Take this photo for example.

It was snapped by a customer using an iPhone and edited with Instagram.

Verses this photo…


… which was taken by a professional for Starbucks. Either photo would work for a product release. You don’t need to have a professional using a $3,000 camera when you can snap a pic for free.

These images on are great. They show the drinks in their best light – literally the lighting is perfect.


But these photos, from a small coffee shop’s Facebook page, are just as good at getting the message out. They show the product off in a personal way, and didn’t spend a small fortune doing so.


The bottom line is, whether you are hiring a professional, or snapping daily shots on a cellphone – content is beneficial to your posts. Adding images will help people identify with your brand, and give the something to share besides a sales pitch! The more content you add to your pitches, the more likely your content will spread over sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

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