Pitch™ Styles: An Instagram-like Feature for Content Creators

Pitch Styles give your brand a chance to show your content in the best way possible.

Presser pays tribute to the original PitchEngine SMR packaging images and text into one tight, utilitarian design. It’s sure to be the favorite among PR pros.

Focal is PitchEngine’s marquee design layout and was recently touted as, “approachable and easy to share” by The Next Web.

The style puts an emphasis on image-rich content for screen sizes and devices of all sizes.

Headliner has a magazine style feel where the headline overlaps the feature image.

Text flows from below the image keeping the readers’ eye above the fold.

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    Caroline Meyers

    Please publish the image size requirements for the various layouts.

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    We suggest high resolution images and a minimum width and/or height of 1024 pixels for best results.