How to Promote Your Etsy Page with PitchEngine

Etsy is such a fun site to buy and sell great handmade items, but it can be difficult to promote your page. Sure you can grab a link and share it on social media but why not share something that makes a statement!

With PitchEngine you can create beautifully styled, portable announcements, that ooze class and sophistication. There’s never been a better tool for creating content both simply and beautifully. We help you communicate with your customers and audiences in new ways – directly, without the filter of social streams.

Creating a product pitch is easy. You already have information and images on your Etsy listing, now you simply plug and play!

Here’s an example of a pitch promoting an Etsy page.

And here is a pitch promoting a specific product.

Notice how each pitch has product information, images, and links to Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, etc. This way, when potential customers come across your pitch, they’ll have all the information they need to purchase your products and become a fan of your brand! They can also share your pitch with their friends and help grow your fan base!

Every pitch you create is indexed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Within a few minutes our using our editor, you’ll have a beautifully styled piece you can share with the world.

We have free and paid subscriptions to meet every budget.

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