Rock the Cause 501©3 – Q&A

1. How long have you used PitchEngine to promote your content?
We have been a Pitchengine user for over 3 years.

2. Once you create a Pitch, how do you share or promote it?
We love the easy share features of Pitchengine. All of our press campaigns are socially driven. We post on most top social media engines such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and various social groups. We also send the URL link out with a personalized message to our top media contacts. We save the URL for pitch to our mobile devices so we can text and tweet from our phones. We also use the Pitchengine Mobile to make mobile transmissions of the pitch easier.

3. What type of results have you seen from using PitchEngine?
One press pitch for a charitable concert has received over 200,000 views. Pitchengine let’s us create release that are SEO optimized. We have also seen where the media has cut and past directly from our pitches into their online content.

4. Do you have an example of a Pitch you’ve had success with?
Up,Up, Up A Concert for Zach Sobiech Featuring Vicci Martinez has been seen over 200,000 times with no site of slowing down.

5. How does PitchEngine’s effectiveness compare to traditional methods of distribution you’ve used in the past?
It is all about the ease of the share and access to information. We live in an age of 24 hour media. Nothing is worse than sending a zip file or physical press kit. How does a blogger cut and paste from that? With our releases we can create more control of the information being broadcast socially.

6. Would you recommend PitchEngine?

7. Is there anything else you’d like to include?
We love you. We want have more Pitchengine babies.


Scott Herold
CEO and Founder
Rock the Cause 501©3

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