Service notice: Free Pitches Set to Expire

Starting January 27, 2014, we will be implementing a new data-cleaning system that will only affect free accounts on created since 2009. If you have a paid subscription, your brand will not be impacted.

With this change, we’re implementing a new $9 subscription plan that will enable you to keep all your existing content hosted on

We plan to continue to support free pitching, however each pitch will now expire seven days from the publish date. This way, we can continue to provide the ability for everyone to experience and share PitchEngine without cost and optimally support our paid accounts at the same time.

Some things to keep in mind:

- If you have multiple brands under one account and some of them are free, pitches on those free accounts will begin to expire starting January 27, 2014. Adding that brand to the $9 plan will ensure all of the content remains live and hosted with

- You can still add brands and pitches for free. Each pitch you create will last for seven days before it expires. When it expires, the link will not be broken, but the content will be replaced with an explore feed from our PitchEngine Network.

- Once a brand is cancelled, the pitches associated with that brand will be deleted. Users will not be able to “toggle” brands on and off inside their account.

If you have free brands that you think may be impacted and want to prevent expiration, let us know and we’ll get you set up with the new Starter Plan for just $9/month. You can reach us by email at

Thank you.

The PitchEngine Team

Notice: Free Pitches Will Be Expiring
PitchEngine software plans will be changing beginning January 27, 2014. All free pitches published since 2009 will be deleted as part of a data clean up. If you have a paid subscription, your brand will not be impacted, however any brands with free account will be affected.You can save your content by upgrading your free brand to plans starting as low as $9. Learn more



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