How does an agency like Page Communications use PitchEngine

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Page Communications was founded in April of 2010 by Lee Page and his business partner Travis Joyal. They represent more than twenty brands in the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. Over the course of their careers, Lee and Travis have opened more than 40 restaurants together. However, the agency is not limited to solely those industries. They have clients in the professional services, mobile app, residential, and entertainment industries, as well.

Their favorite clients are those who trust Lee and Travis as the PR experts. They put their trust in the agency completely.

Lee and Travis use PitchEngine to effectively manage all of their clients’ press releases and announcements in one, easy-to-access location.

Travis Joyal says, “It’s also wonderful to share the pitches with media because media are able to get everything they need –from the details of the news to images to resource links to videos – all in one all-encompassing location.”

It allows them to spread their clients’ news and information across all marketing platforms.

“Nowadays, a press release can be used for so much more than just pitching media. It can (and should) be used in social media, e-marketing, SMS text marketing, internal communications, etc.,” said Joyal.

We asked Page Communications how PitchEngine benefits their clients. For example, Westport Café

Travis Joyal: Pitch Engine allows Westport Cafe to share news across multiple platforms. If the news is pertinent for media, we can embed the URL in a pitch. We can share it in social media. We can include the URL in an e-newsletter. We can share it with the internal team to keep them updated on what’s going on with Westport’s marketing efforts.

For social media, Pitch Engine is a great tool because it allows us to share all information with our social media fans and followers with just a click of the URL. For an instance, a tweet can only be a maximum of 140 characters. We can only say so much with such limitations (and we have to leave room for the link!) so the Pitch Engine URL allows us to lead our social media fans and followers to full details for a particular campaign, promotion, contest, or special.

And PitchEngine tracks pageviews for each pitch uploaded, which is a great way for us to show management the value of sharing news through Pitch Engine!

What advice would you give other users who are creating pitches about food?

Make sure you have professional photography in place. Photography can communicate messages about food that text will never be able to. Digital communications is a visual medium so you must have visual elements to accompany your text if you want any sort of engagement from your social media fans and followers. And, if you are using Pitch Engine to distribute news to media, you can control what gets published or put on air if you have professional photography in place. Without professional photography, media will have to pull from their files and run outdated images or not include an image at all. You always want media to include an image with your news stories.

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